How to migrate to AWS Cloud9 (video)


Some users asked for a video of the migration experience from to AWS Cloud9. We have many docs on the subject at, but sometimes it’s easier to see a video than to go through docs to get an idea of how something works. Below is a video where one of the workspaces is being migrated to AWS Cloud9:

Note that if you don’t have an AWS account yet, you can find out more about how to create an account at

If you’re a student or educator, you can also try AWS Educate (,

AWS Cloud9 is free tier eligible when using an Amazon EC2 instance for an AWS Cloud9 development environment:

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I’ve been waiting 4 days for c9 to let me download my workspaces. The gears are spinning, and it says it’s working on it; but I’m not convinced that it is.

how long do I have to wait for the workspace to be ready? Days, weeks, months?

UPDATE: I just found this post for anyone else having the same issue:

— I’m stuck with spinning gears —



Wish you had audio to explain what you were doing but I think I followed along. I currently have the site I developed on Cloud9 running in a Lightsail instance. I’ve followed the instructions I found on Amazon to configure my instance to use it with Cloud9. Am now at Step 3: Create and Connect to an AWS Cloud9 SSH Development Environment. After that there is a Step 4: Use the AWS Cloud9 IDE to Change the Code on the Instance.Only 18+ steps to do that.

It does not discuss migrating my current workspace.

Can you provide any tips on how to get AWS Cloud9 working on Lightsail and how to migrate a Cloud9 workspace over?

Also, I find Amazon’s pricing very confusing. If I am using Lightsail is AWS Cloud9 still free tier eligible?

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No one of my workspace migrated correctly.
It was like ec2 instance were created but hadn’t be referenced in my aws account .
So i stumble upon on the information that the workspace was attached to the region you created them … Ok …
But no one is showing when i start apache … i searched a few hours, i will search a few more hours, but i feel i’ll give up and go looking for another ide. I loved your tool .
Aws is so unuselessly complicated …
I hope you got millions of dollars, because tossing off such a handy tool to let amaz0n handle it was a amazing disappointment …

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