How to manually update a collection from the command line?



I’m in a meteor/mongodb environment and I’m trying to add a key/value to the users collection and check that the updated data now exists on the client.
First I check
In the cloud9 ide, on the command line, I enter
db.users.find({emails : { $elemMatch : { "address":"" }}});
This finds the corresponding entry.
Then I do
db.users.findAndModify({ query:{emails : { $elemMatch : { "address":"" }}}, update:{$set:{ "roles":"VIP"}}});
This works to the extent that when I repeat the db.user.find… command above I now see the “roles”:“VIP” at the same level as the “emails” key.
I restart the server and go to the console on the client side , login as and type in
Meteor.user().emails[0].address and it replies

However when I type in
Meteor.user().roles it tells me undefined.
it looks as thought he db change I make on the console in cloud9, doesn’t get propagated to the client ? Is this normal, or what am I doing wrong ?

P.S. I’m also confused by the existence of local and meteor databases. I believe that I am in meteor db by default but I’m not entirely sure about this.

best regards / Colm