How to make my external css, js file references work on my HTML file




I’m new to c9 and I’m stuck on how to make my html file work, I’m using a bootstrap template/theme called themefrost which is hosted on servers and I could reference it in the header and the assets show up just fine when I run the html file on my local machine.

But when I run it on c9 the page layout and style is completely broken, I’m guessing c9 doesn’t allow referencing external files? Im using apache server(php, html) as my runner…

I hope this makes sense… THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!


Can you paste the code you’re using here please, that will help us diagnose what’s wrong.


If I had to guess, it’s a mixed content error caused by the web browser than C9 itself. all workspaces default to https to begin with so your file is likely referring to a unsecure resource on http. if you change the https in your project url to http, you might find it works as expected.

My two cents worth.