How to live preview an HTML file


i’m brand new (today, from khan academy) so learning curve is steep.

when i go to "preview i’m offered “raw content” and “preview running application”. in the khan academy demo of cloud 9, the teacher brought down “live preview”. how do i find that?


You can get live preview option if you click preview button when an html file is open and focused


i have an HTML file open. it works and i can see my changes when i choose “raw content” off the “preview” menu and refresh the page. what does it mean to be “focused”?


oh! i think i got it. i had not put “html” in the title of my file. so i saved it with the html ending and now i can see the “live preview”. thanks so much.

so now, how do i delete the old one? can’t find a delete command anywhere


never mind, found the delete. thankas so much for your patience and for answering