【How to keep my workspace running】


Hello folks,

I would like to know if I can make my workspace running all the time.

This is because when I log out from the cloud 9, my instance is dead somehow.

Done anyone can help me?



Premium account allows to have 3 hot workspaces, which are not stopped that often.
See What are hot workspaces??


Dear sir,
Thank you very much for your comments.
So, I pay for premium account then it never stop.
Am I right?
I just wonder the meaning of “that often”.
It looks like sometimes cloud 9 stops.
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Yes, sometimes cloud9 will stop them,but only in very rare, exceptional situations:

workspaces are hibernated for operational procedures like server scaling and load balancing or for emergencies like hardware failure


If you use more than three workspaces on premium then it only keeps the most recent 3 running.


Hello folks,

Thank you for your information.

It helps me understand how the c9 works.

I will think about premium account when I finish the development.

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