How to keep my app running indefinitely?


I noticed that my php workspace stopped running after 20 hours since I last accessed it. This support page led me to understand that with premium that latest accessed app would run indefinitely?


C9 Workspaces are not meant for production use, which 24/7 access will imply. You need a separate machine to run the code for the public. C9 Workspaces hibernate after a period of time to save resources from idle projects.


I only need this project online temporarily and I was told here that this feature was offered in the starter plan. If this isn’t true then I have been misled and will be unsubscribing.


If you have used 3 other workspaces more recently than the one you’re mentioning, then the workspace in question will no longer have priority for a week of processes running. See here for more info.

If that is not the case, it could be related to us doing maintenance on some servers over the last day in order to push out fixes. A log of our most recent issues can be seen at


I see, thanks for the info!