How to install a self-signed CA to my workspace server?



I am migrating my personal hobby python web application from to cloud 9 lately, but found myself completely new to the idea of setting up ssl certificate. I did some online research on openssl and its python wrapper but still couldn’t find any definitive guide on how to set it up in practice, specifically for the cloud 9 IDE platform.

Could someone please give a walkthough, or point out some references link here? Thanks.

By the way, I’m using cherrypy for the python server.

EDIT: specifically, I have the following questions:

  • is it requred to run openssl from the server(in my case, cloud9 bash), or I can run openssl from my local laptop then upload the generated key and cert?
  • does it make any sense to use passphrase to protect the key? I don’t see any point here, correct me if I’m wrong please


Hi, cloud9 apps proxy doesn’t accept self-signed ca, so you need to run http server listening on port 8080 and host