How to insert photos



I’m using HTML and CSS and I know the code for inserting photos is

<img src="insert_link_here.jpg>

but how do I insert custom photos? Tried using Imgur’s link already but doesn’t work.

Also I put all images in an “images” folder so maybe I could use that somehow?


I’ve noticed something a little funny when using imgur’s links. Sometimes, the link will stop working after 24 hours. I have no idea why, then I have to go back there, get the link, recopy it and then reinsert it.

now, if you are inserting images locally or from a locally stored folder, you have to make sure that the path is correct. I know that sounds stupid but you have no idea how sometimes a simple type in the path makes everything go haywire.

for example, if the image is located in the directory above the page your working on…let’s call it for arguments sake, index.html then your file structure kind of looks like this

–project folder
etc, etc

then your img link should be <img src= "../images/image1.jpg /> (img is also a self closing tag so make sure you do that)

I hope this helps somewhat or maybe I’m just not understanding the question


Although I found something that works better than Imgur. It’s called FunkyImages!

Be optimistic!