How to get the files from .home?

Stupid question here, but once we download the Home Directory files from the download/migrate area, how do we actually get the files? It just uncompresses to a .home file, but I can’t find anything to open that…
Anyone have this issue??

I just want my files!

From the C9 Help team, this worked, in case anyone else has the issue. This works for Windows:

  1. install [Just keep clicking next when installing]
  2. put the downloaded archive to C:\cygwin64\home{YOUR_USER_NAME}
  3. open Cygwin terminal and use the following command there: tar xvf {YOUR_ARCHIVE_NAME}
  4. after that you should see your files under ‘data/home/ubuntu/workspace’

Your steps are not working on windows. Can you please elaborate the steps more and moreover what does {YOUR_USER_NAME} and {YOUR_ARCHIVE_NAME} specify. Can you please elaborate the steps a little more as I am unable to understand the steps above.