How to get Browsersync working with c9 in Shopify Slate's configuration?



Hi, So I’m working with Shopify Slate which is basically a default base template for Shopify stores. It offers livereload via Browsersync. slate watch is the command that starts the livereload function. When I run slate watch I see

but none of those Access URLs produce a working livereload. I always get a message like this

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Search Google for 172 103 3001

I’m thinking this is happening probably because the port isn’t set to 8081 or 8082 (which are the ports used for such things as livereloading AFAIK). I brought this issue up at as a Shopify/slate Github issue here and was told to change the options that Slate passes into Browsersync in the [deploy-sync.js file, specifically in the browserSync.init() method] but I got totally lost as I’m not very experienced with backend-ish code.

Any help is appreciated and I also asked this on Stackoverflow so you could answer it over here


Try specifying your local host configuration to point to (these are also set to $IP and $PORT). Ports 8081 and 8082 both will function as well, but you need to make sure your server is using


Thanks for the suggestion but what file(s) would I specify my localhost config to point to

Also, what is the exact URL I want to have to preview my application/site?


Thanks @bryceito :slight_smile:


While I’m not sure about where to configure the port and IP, once you do, you can preview your site at