How to get back to Mysql Command Prompt


I was in the middle of adding rows to a table in Mysql and then I discovered that I had some typos too far up. I tried to start over and get back to Mysql> but that didn’t work. No matter what I typed, I kept getting
the right-pointing arrow (>). Now I have so much junk typed between the rows data and where my cursor is now. What can I do to disregard what I have typed in so, and get back to Mysql>

Cloud 9 The requested URL /phpMyAdmin/ was not found on this server

Try a semicolon, when using the command line SQL interface it allows for multi-line queries. So if simply end the query with a semicolon.


Hi All. I need your help please. I am having a similar problem to vasilenko93 but ; is not fixing the problem. I have inlcuded a screenshot. Any ideas?

I should mention I am brand new to all this and searching has not yielded any answers.


The problem here is that on the line with SET room_image, you started a string with ', then put the URL, but never ended the string with another '. In this case, in order to prevent accidental insertion of something you don’t want, your best bet is to just exit the command entirely (try Ctrl+C or Ctrl+D) and then enter the prompt again, and try the command, remembering to add a quote to the end. Alternatively, if you can’t exit the shell, close the terminal and open a new one. You could also just put a single ' at the end of the command and try again, but that would create a malformed query that would probably throw an error but could also accidentally insert data that you don’t want.


Thanks Danny. I will try that. Appreciate your help! This was driving me crazy.