How to free up Diskspace?



I had many rails projects on Cloud9, and got close to reaching the limit of the free diskspace. After saving I started deleting all the projects except for the 2 I’m currently working on. The problem is that after deleting the files the diskspace didn’t increase and soon I will be unable to save my current work.
How can free up the diskspace?


try running these commands and then send the output

cd /home/ubuntu
du -sch .[!.]* *


This is the output

4.0K .bash_aliases
4.0K .bash_history
4.0K .bash_logout
4.0K .bashrc
15M .bundle
1.6M .c9
44K .cache
44K .codeintel
8.0K .config
18M .gem
4.0K .gemrc
4.0K .gitconfig
4.0K .gitignore
20K .heroku
4.0K .hgignore
4.0K .hgrc
4.0K .irb-history
331M .local
4.0K .netrc
9.7M .node-gyp
23M .npm
303M .nvm
4.0K .profile
4.0K .profileE
32K .ssh
20K lib
21M rails_projects
1.7M workspace
720M total


cd into .local and run the same command, that directory is abnormally larger :confused:

cd ~/.local/share
du -sch .[!.]* *

also, have you installed any additional package inside your workspace?


The output is this.

du: cannot access ‘.[!.]*’: No such file or directory
331M heroku
331M total

I have deployed the rails apps I created to Heroku.