How to find the jupyter notebook url



I use Cloud9 to connect to EC2 via ssh and then I installed using the Cloud9 terminal jupyter notebook. And I run “jupyter notebook --ip= --port=8080 --no-browser”.

I receive this as url: http://ip-172-31-47-252:8080/?token=5ca5c4c6fa0bf206577e41f08f63a1b4b11ae5c9878d2d1f&token=5ca5c4c6fa0bf206577e41f08f63a1b4b11ae5c9878d2d1f but when I open it says “This site can’t be reached ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”.

I had the same problem before when I run jupyter on cloud9 but the I received a pop up saying that the url is something like “https://…” and i was able to open jupyter using this url.

But where can I find this url ?

I tried running "echo $PORT " and “echo $IP” but I get an empty line in the first case when I connect to EC2 from Cloud9 using ssh and in the second case when i run only in cloud9 i get an IP and PORT number.

Thank you


Is this through AWS Cloud9? If so, that URL is likely your workspace preview URL; you can get this by previewing a file and popping the file out into a new tab. Please be aware that this URL only works when 1: the EC2 instance is on and 2: your browser is logged into an AWS account that can access the EC2 environment.