How to enable/run cron?


I added a scheduled task in crontab but it does not run. (I am using the free version)

While the same code runs on my Amazon web services account.


We currently do not support cron jobs within Cloud9 workspaces. The way to proceed would be to get a Cloud9 premium plan which allows you to create SSH workspaces, and then connect to your Amazon instance with that SSH workspace.

Running a cron job
Crontab doesn't work in Cloud9?

mutahhir you sugest using SSH worskpace to run crontab. I need to be able to run a rais’ rake command with crontab.
Can you give me an example of how to set this up. Please note this is not for deployment is only for development purpuses but i still need to be able to use crontab (and rails). Any timely advice would be appreciated.
(BTW i am a premium user)