How to enable autocomplete code


I’m a newbie and I’m having a problem to enable autocomplete code on Cloud9. I’ve already tested in Chrome and Firefox, but it doens’t work. I don’t know if is important, but I’m working on Windows 10 (Chrome or Firefox) and Cloud9 is installed on Linux device.

How can I fix this?


Finally I solved the autocomplete code problem in Cloud9. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that where a previous installation already exists, the old directories must to be removed or renamed before installing the SDK. Then I show below what I did so that the Cloud9 SDK was installed correctly and autocomplete code problem was solved. In root directory, where original Cloud9 was installed, some directories was changed.

NOTE: BeagleBone users with Linux distribution Debian, may consider the same directories indicated below. Other Linux distributions must be observed if the installation locations are the same.

apt-get purge c9-core-installer
cd /root
mkdir bkp
mv .c9/ bkp
mv .node-gyp/ bkp
mv .node-red/ bkp
mv .npm/ bkp
wget -O - | bash
git clone git:// c9sdk
cd c9sdk/


To run in background mode, put “&” in the command “node”:
cd /root/c9sdk/
node server.js -l -p 3000 -a :&


  1. After the “wget” command, all processes will take a long time (at least 15 minutes);

  2. I choosen my IP and Port 3000. To open my Cloud9 I type in brower http:// But if you don’t like that, so follow standart configuration. Type in you browser http:// localhost:8181/ide.html as shown on https://