How to do initial set up of a Teams account


Recently I created a personal account on Cloud9 to test it out. I’ve liked what I’ve found so far and my company is interested in moving our team of 4 devs to C9 rather than using random WAMP/MAMP installs.

I have a silly problem though: I’m not sure how to get this going. Do I set up a new account with some kind of group email address (since mine is already in use) or should I convert my account to a Teams Account? Will other members of the team need individual C9 accounts, and importantly, will they all have to enter a credit card to do that? Because that’s kind of a deal breaker…I had to use my personal credit card to set up my account and I can’t ask other members to do the same and I don’t have access to the company credit card. I can possibly walk accounting through setting up 1 account, but not 4. They’re cranky in accounting.

So basically, just wondering what the steps are to getting this set up. Pretty disappointed there is no pre-sales support and the support page lists twitter as support.


So in trying to get support I did what I was told on this page: I reached out to the two Twitter accounts listed there and I posted here in this community.

No response other than someone edited this post in some way.

Needless to say, my managers aren’t interested in moving our team to a service that offers no support, so Cloud9 is now officially off the table for us, which is a shame because I thought it would be a great tool. We were ready to sign up for a team account.