How to disable pre-installed plugin in initscript?



Is there a way to disable a pre-installed plugin via initscript?


Init script is executed when all the plugins have been loaded, so it only can unload plugins
some plugins support that, e.g.


But some (e.g. ace) can not be unloaded yet.

Just out of curiosity, what are you trying to do ?


Thanks, @harutyun! Trying to test a CS50 plugin, which has a pre-installed version, online. Tried disabling from Plugin Explorer, but gets enabled automatically after reloading workspace. Not sure if that’s the expected behavior, but thought disabling via initscript might help. Is there a way to disable until enabling manually?


unfortunately there is no way to do that yet.
The only available thing for now is the pluginManager.unloadPlugins call in init script.