How to disable pc speaker sound (beep) in terminal?



How to disable pc speaker sound (beep) in terminal Cloud9?


in which workspace do you get the beep? cloud9 doesn’t play beep sound in terminal



I use


turn off “audible terminal bell” from the settings


thank you very much

PS. Speaker was changed to beautiful beep it is so cool :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m actually having the reverse problem. The beep is on the terminal and I want to take it off. I find it distracting. I’ve looked under the same settings and I’m only seeing this: <img src="/uploads/trydiscourse4/original/2X/b/bad8e3ad040c83d6db1406d162dc131f0c5e8691.png" width=“590” ">
Help please? :slight_smile:


try remove cache and cookies in browser and reload cloud9, after that check settings.
I try and this help me.


Figured out the problem was an init script calling a beep function. I deleted one character to disable to script. Problem solved. :grin:

Edit: If someone else has the same problem, go to IDE(top left menu)>“open your init script” and then disable the function that mentions “beep”. Good luck!


Has this feature been removed? I am unable to find CS50/IDE Behaviour in my workspace :frowning:

One more question, what should I do to make my workspace terminal beep or produce a sound?


it is only in cs50 workspaces, to get the same in other workspaces use Can I get the command line terminal to Beep?