How to delete a workspace without a gear icon


On the page

it is explained how a workspace can be deleted. However, in my case, the gear icon is missing. What do I do? The screen looks like this:


you are not signed in, gear will appear after you have signed in


OK, it works, but I was already logged in, since I could view my own
workspaces. Or are they public and available to anyone?



Public workspaces are visible to anyone, private workspaces are hidden.


I find the location of the icon to delete a workspace to be non-intuitive. I couldn’t figure it out, until I used the search feature in community support. I was looking here, the same page that create a workspace is on, should be the same page “delete” a workspace should be on. IMHO

With workspaces being “free” to create, I’ve been generous. Then, it hits me that simpler is better, and I want to get rid of some of the extra workspaces and avoid confusion. But the location of the delete workspace under the gear, its the right location.

Anyone vote with me on this??


Click on the tile to open workspace details page. Gear is on that page.