How to change the page encoding?


Russian text appears in hieroglyphs how to change the coding.
Thank you.


I’m almost certain the editor here works in UTF-8. If you uploaded files encoded in some other character set, they’ll look bad in your editor, as you say.

I cut&pasted this text in UTF-8 and everything looks fine. Or at least it looks Russian - I have no idea what the text is saying :wink:

To solve your problem, you’ll want to convert your files’ encoding. I often use vim in the terminal for editing my files, and that will do it. You open the file, set fileencoding to utf-8, write the file out and it should then be fine for c9’s editor.

This StackOverflow page has some nice tips on how to do this kind of thing.

Apparently all the cool kids are using iconv instead - and I checked, iconv is available at least in my custom c9 installation.