How to change the charset of the editor?


Hi, I wonder if I have to change the charset of my editor because when I open some files they get strange characters. When I open these files in aptana eg they get the normal character. How can I fix? sorry my English because I’m Brazilian!


Hi there, unfortunately we only support utf-8 for the moment. We have an internal ticket open with the request to expand support though I can’t give you any timelines atm. To get around this, could you change the encoding of your files?


The files belonging to another developer project and I will have to change the file-by-file encryption using a software like Notepad ++! Thank you for your help !!


Sorry about the effort here! Hopefully this is not too cumbersome and you can enjoy c9 soon :wink:


Hello, have you an deadline of this feature ?


Just throwing in my +1.

Working with a codebase that contains Japanese characters encoded in Shift-JIS. While I would certainly prefer UTF-8, sadly, that is not an option in this case.


+1 from me. Working with ANSI (Windows-1252) files.

Here’s a sample fail.

I copy to clipboard Windows-1252 text:

and paste in C9 editor:

looking fine there, but then output shows garbage characters:

suggesting the source document in c9 is not Windows-1252 as pasted and stated in the meta charset, but instead is UTF-8.


Para php resolvi dessa forma: header(‘Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8’);