How to change avatar in Cloud9 workspaces?



I was able to change my avatar here in this community but not in the workspace IDE I have asked the “Happiness Engineers” at ( and now this forum. There is only one post that shows up when I search that instructs to go to I have been trying off and on to change the avatar/gravatar and cannot figure it out. So today I decided to post my first question. I do, and I suppose many of us do, quite a bit of problem-solving day-to-day and keep at it until we figure it out or find out why it can’t be done. It is not of any real consequence if I can’t change my avatar in my Cloud9 IDE workspace but I want to know if I should keep trying?


@credcoder to change your avatar in the ide:

  • Make sure you are registered on with the same email you have used for cloud9.
  • Set image on, wait a minute or two.
  • Clear browser cache and reload the ide to make sure that the new image is loaded.


Thank you Cloud9 employee harutyun for the timely response.

That was it - the email when I set up Cloud9 was my original home email, not my coding email that I use for everything coding related. I changed the Cloud9 IDE email to my coding email address and voila my avatar updated. Thanks Again!