How to allow IMAP Open in Cloud9



I have search in php.ini to active the php exstension by removing the beginning semicolon at the line:

;extension=php_imap.dll". Should be:  extension=php_imap.dll

but i didint even find that extension?
so any help here am trying to deploy emailling solutions so it is required to Open IMAP.


I can’t entirely tell if this is related but this could affect what you’re trying to do:

Also, be sure you’re changing the correct php.ini file:


thanks Brady for your response,

I have change the bought php.ini

  • sudo nano /home/ubuntu/workspace/php.ini
  • sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

and retart apache but still the same


This is most definitely a cause of:

Even if you did get IMAP working somehow, you wouldn’t be able to send emails from your app so go ahead and check out that thread for alternatives.