How to access to local c9 server from another computer in the same network


I followed the steps in

to install c9sdk to my machine.

When I run

node server.js

It gives the following output within terminal:

Starting standalone
Connect server listening at
CDN: version standalone initialized /home/abdullah/Desktop/c9sdk/build
Started '/home/abdullah/Desktop/c9sdk/configs/standalone' with config 'standalone'!
Cloud9 is up and running

I can only open c9 workspace in machine on which c9 runs.
What should I do to allow access multiple users from another computers in the same network?



node server.js -l -a :



You can also use as the IP address, which tells the computer to listen on all external IPs. The advantage with is that if your IP ever changes (DHCP, different networks), it will still be externally accessible.