How the heck does someone get a free Cloud9 account?



How the heck do I get my coworkers so they can have a free C9 account?

I’ve had them sign up for AWS accounts, create their own AWS Cloud9 environment, but for the life of me, cannot add them as a shared user to my existing pre AWS workspace.

How the heck do I collaborate with people? Is it just not possible? Or what is the deal?

Please advise.



Take a look at our AWS Cloud9 documentation for shared environments :slightly_smiling_face:.

If you’re looking to use your workspaces instead then you can invite new team members to your existing team, along with sharing your workspaces with them.


Yes, but it always says, “This person is not yet a member of the workspace…”

How do you get them to be a member SO they can be invited?


Are the two responses contraindicatory and, if not, how so…?


You can collaborate on AWS Cloud9 and, but you can not collaborate between the two platforms.

If you need to collaborate with someone, you must both be using either AWS Cloud9 or


Hey, sorry for the trouble here.

You can invite new team members to your existing team, then share your workspaces with them. New team members can be invited at<team_name>/manage and explains sharing workspaces with them.

Let me know if you face any further issues.


Does this mean that I can upgrade my account from a free account to a team and it will allow me to invite new users in to C9? (the old C9, not AWS) I thought they were not allowing any new signups?
Any word yet on how long the old C9 will continue to be supported? We’re all so bummed about the AWS version with it’s hard to configure and no easy-cloning options. And… If I upgrade to a team plan at $29 a month… Will it ever be possible to fall back into my free forever plan? I’d HATE to lost that option!!!