How safe are my projects?



I have been using C9 for around a year now and love it. In that time I have build some very large projects for clients. The only copy of these thousands of lines of code are on C9. I have made back-up copies of projects but I am still concerned I could lose a year’s worth of work if anything ever went wrong with my account/C9.

How safe are my projects on C9?

Any advice on how to guarantee nothing is lost?

Thank you!


Your projects are fairly safe, but as you may have experienced in that year, Cloud9 isn’t always stable. I’ve seen stories of occasional data loss in the community, and though I’ve never experienced it myself, I take every measure possible to keep my code safe. My advice would be to use a service like GitHub to archive all of your code. You can also download the entire workspace and put that on backup file servers as well as a local copy. The thing that lets me sleep at night is that I’ve outsourced my redundancy to a service that is redundant in their storage, and will likely never lose my data.


You should try using Firebase because I think more people trust Google Then C9!

FYI Firebase is a database :()