How many private workspaces are in starter plan?


From what I saw in the webide pricing page
I decided to upgrade my free account to a starter account.
Pricing page says the starter account is entitled to all free features (meaning 1 private workspace) plus 2 private workspaces. From what I managed to calculate this sums up to 3 private workspaces.
But now that I have 2 private workspaces, and tried to create the 3rd one, it turns out the starter subscription allows ONLY 2 private workspaces and does not include the 1 from free account…


There are 2 private workspaces on the starter plan. The pricing page is a little bit confusing in this regard but the starter plan provides 2 private workspaces total. The bit referencing everything from the free plan means you also get unlimited public workspaces.


You could write “starter plan includes 2 private workspaces and unlimited public workspaces”, but you wrote “everything” which has a completely different meaning, isn’t it?
I chose to pay you $9/month because it seemed to me a nice upgrade to get additional 2 private workspaces. Had I known this before, I would not chose to pay for a different subscription.

Why can’t you fulfill your promise from the promotional for whoever paid for it, and change the promise for any other new customer that stands in front of the decision to buy a subscription or not?


I really appreciate your feedback on this. The plan allows for 2 private workspaces but PM me if you need a refund and I’d be happy to help you out.


I don’t need a refund, I didn’t need the other workspaces to begine with.
Only thing was I thought you have such an awesome product maybe I can use some extra 2 workspaces and on the way show some appreciation to the work ppl at c9 do.

BTW: Your company actually has a “customer happiness engineer” title??
happy not I am… :frowning: