How Does Cloud9IDE Compilers Work?



I dont understand how your compilers work… Do you guys use some type of JavaScript library? or framework?


What exactly do you mean by cloud9ide compilers? If you mean runners, they are just json configurations telling the ide how to launch programs installed on the vm.


I mean like the javascript interpretors. So far i have found one for python,php, and C++, but cant find other interpretors online… How do you guys make the javascript intepretor? And also, how do you guys make the run button so the Html/Css/JS Runs?


For people wondering, I have seemed to have found a javascript interpreter. Here:


Uh… Cloud 9 doesn’t run in the browser, well the IDE itself does but it is just an interface to the Ubuntu workspace.


Wow… how in the world do you make an Ubuntu Interface with just Javascript… ???


The workspaces are Docker containers.


Typically, CaaS software works by running the compiler on the backend servers. The source-code is sent to the server and a compiled binary is sent back to the client. That said, people have created LLVM javascript implementations, so any compiler that can be compiled to LLVM bytecode could run (slowly) in the browser. It’s also conceivable that a compiler could be compiled to run in the Chrome Native client. Then the compiler could actually run in the browser!

However, in practice, people simply run the compiler on the backend servers.

Both of these services are in the vain of (but aren’t really what is intended) by compiler as a service. They are more of online IDEs than CaaS. A true CaaS is designed for a company with a long complicated build process to build their code quickly on powerful hardware.


There is a node process running in the ubuntu vm, which calls child_process.spawn to start an external process,


hmm… any way i can embed this in my forum? I know it sounds wierd, a forum normally dosent have these compilers. But i have came up with these idea. but is there any way i can embed this guys?