How do you usually do to share your running app with your client?


Hi everybody :slight_smile:
I love Cloud9! But I want to let my client see the running app:

  • he haven’t got a C9 account
  • he want see the running app during the weekend (and I won’t be online to keep the app running)

I know how to create a public link to see the running app… but it stops early after I’ve stopped working and my client haven’t got the time to see the running app :confused:

How do you usually do to share your running app with your client ?

Thank you for your help !


Hi Alexis,

If you are not on the premium plan, your workspace will be automatically stopped after a few hours of inactivity. To avoid having such issues, you would need to upgrade to one of our premium plans (

For premium users, the last 3 active workspace will not be stopped on inactivity. If you are a premium user and you experience issues with this functionality, you can write in to support and we will be happy to investigate further.

I hope this helps!



Hi Dany,

Thank you for your answer !
Indeed, I’m on the premium plan.
You mean that the running app will not stop if it is an hot workspace ? For a long time ?
Moreover, I don’t see my active workspace marked as “hot”… Is there a way to force this state ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis,

I think the following post explains this in more detail: What are hot workspaces?

If you think your current situation is in conflict with what the link above explains, you can write to us on support with your username and workspace name and we can look further.

Happy coding :slight_smile: