How do you minimize a maximized tab?


I don’t feel like I should be making a topic for this, but I cannot find ANY information on this.

Theres no button obvious to minimize the window once you’ve clicked “pop out into new window”, I’ve ransacked the help section for a hotkey of some sort to no prevail, and the only way i’ve been able to get the window to minimize again is by literally closing out of cloud9 entirely and reopening my workspace, which is really impractical.

There is no title bar specific to the window I’ve popped out, only the entire cloud9 IDE process. If i use the only buttons available to me, my options are close out or minimize cloud9 all together, when all i want to do is revert my workspace to before i popped out the window and continue working from my multiple tabs?

The interface leaves me with NO clues as to how to put the tab back where it came from. Surely theres not some hidden hotkey you need to know in order to do this?


Where do you click for “pop out into new window”? AFAIK Cloud9 doesn’t have such functionality, a screenshot would be very helpful.


I see two possible buttons:

  1. The “Pop Out Into New Window” button on previews
  2. The maximize button in the console toolbar just left of the x to close. But in this case it’s pretty clear that you can click the button again to minimize.


@justincy good point, i forgot about the preview button.
For preview the only way is to close browser tab and open a new preview window.


This is what I was referring to. Thanks, it seems I’ve already found the only way to close it, which is exactly as you said.

Just expected this to be a really awful workaround for my not knowing a hotkey or the location of a button, but it seems I’m much better off not using previews at all, for my needs that is.
Ive just been running the preview from chrome, as I’m working on a WordPress theme and can view it from anywhere with the right URL.

Im assuming this is just a mishap with what im using to view my workspaces:

When im viewing a preview, and pop it into a new window, all my tabs disappear and my only option is to restart, close, or minimize my entire workspace, It doesn’t display any tabs to close, not even the one im viewing.

Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. Sorry for the ill-informed question, I appreciate your patience in your responses.