How do i view other html pages in ruby on rails



When I click run, it previews the home page; however, i want to view other html files in my ruby on rails app. how do i do this?

when i open another html file, it just shows the home page as well.


If you right click preview to the file it will render the page within the IDE window. If you are trying to open on a running web server you need a defined route for it.


Thanks for answering my question.

i’m able to render in IDE window. I don’t know how to create a defined route for it. the code is shared with different pages because it’s on the side column and i think that’s where i’m confused. I’ll do some research unless you have suggestions on where I can look to find help in defining routes for shared files.


Oh I see it sounds like you are trying to include a partial to be used on multiple pages. For that you don’t need a route, you just need to make sure you have the right path in your code.

Do you have something like this in your other html file?

<%= render 'shared/side_column' %>

And does your other html file have a .erb at the end of the name so you can embed ruby code in it?