How do I revert my website url back?


I was going through my settings and I might have changed my url and now my website is wont load cause server DNS address could not be found… I was wondering how can you change it back to what it was?


Changed your url? How?


I was going through my settings on the dashboard and I changed my url of my website (for some reason) and now I can’t even connect to the dashboard of the website to even change it


Hmm, I still don’t understand. Can you include some screenshots and links to what you can’t access?


Though many wish it were a feature, changing your URL is not possible. If you figure out a way to do it, let me know :wink:

It’s possible you changed something in your code or in the configuration of your workspace that is causing this to happen. Also could be a result of an inactive workspace.


Yo but when I load my website this happens

I must have changed something in configurations but i’m unsure what I did


This URL is not related to Cloud9 so it must be something you changed in your code/config files.