How do I pull a new version of my joomla website from bitbucket?



I have created a workspace with a joomla installation. My colleague has already been working on the website, his changes are recorded in BitBucket. How can I connect to his repository and pull across those changes?


Joomla is a content management system that depends on a database for much of its content. Because of that, simply pulling in files that your colleague has on his installation will not update Joomla the way you want it. You’ll need to do a database dump and then import that database.


That tip is helpful, thanks. But I also need to bring in the components, modules, templates and other files that he has changed. All these files are on Bitbucket. I’ve managed to connect my existing workspace to his repository using usual commands but am struggling to find the right set of git commands to overwrite modified files and bring in new ones.


You’re best learning some Git essentials from a site like this one.

If you’re not interested in learning Git but just want the exact command to run (which is completely fine, no judgment here :slightly_smiling:) then you can certainly find that on Stack Overflow.

You could also just start a new workspace using the Bitbucket repository URL and cloning from that when you create the workspace.


It’s taken me a day to figure this all out so I thought it might be worth summarising in the hope it might be useful for someone else in the future.

To create a Joomla site on cloud9 and use it with bitbucket you can either

  1. install a fresh installation and then push it to a new repository or
  2. Place all the files from your joomla website onto a repository in github or bitbucket. Be careful to copy all the files including log files into the repository from the master website. Clone this repository in cloud9 and import a copy of your database. Update the /configuration.php file to point to the database on Cloud9. The second option is useful if the site already exists with modifications.

Once the site is setup run /index.php from the workspace and open the link as http. If you get lines of code at the top of the website you need to disable the plugin jSGCache


This is excellent, thank you so much for summarizing that in a detailed way.