How do I modify the presets?



On the ‘window’ menu there is a ‘presets’ submenu. These presets look like they could be very useful but I can’t figure out how to edit/modify them.

For example, the ‘minimal editor’ preset appears to specify the ‘cloud9 night’ theme, but I always use the ‘cloud9 night low-color’ theme so I need to modify the preset.


Currently presets are just a way for new users to change several options at once, after that settings can be further customized using preferences panel.

Do you want to use presets in another way?


I would like to switch back and forth between ‘full IDE’ and ‘minimal editor’, depending on whether I’m testing/debugging/refactoring (full IDE) or writing code (minimal editor).

It can also be useful to have one preset for when just using the laptop display vs. using much larger external monitor.

But as things stand - not being able to modify the preset - I would have to tweak my settings after each switch.


There is no good support for this use case for now, but you can use an init script, which can be configured from Cloud9 menu.

var menus = services.menus;
var ui = services.ui;
var settings = services.settings;
var panels = services.panels
menus.addItemByPath("Window/Presets/My Preset 1", new ui.item({
    onclick: function() {
        // set some settings here
}), 0, plugin)
menus.addItemByPath("Window/Presets/My Preset 2", new ui.item({
    onclick: function() {
        // set some other settings here
}), 0, plugin)


as a template for functions you might want to call in onclick handlers above.

I am moving this thread to feature-requests, maybe as more people use this, there will be more ideas, and someone will find a way to make proper ui for the init script hack above.