How do I make git ask for a username/password instead of an ssh key?



I use bitbucket for my source control. When I add my c9 ssh key, it expects all connections to that bitbucket account to use ssh keys. How do I get the c9 git to ask me for my username/password which each request to bitbucket?



The cloud9 git is like any other git installation, so you can use any common solution like the one in the link:

I hope this helps!



I’ve tried that, but I don’t see a credential section or helper in the project config file, and I don’t see a .git-credential-store anywhere.

Edit: To clarify, it doesn’t have my username/password stored anywhere. I’ve never given that login information to c9.


Did you also try one of the solutions in the comments?


Yes, I’ve tried them. None of them worked. I’ve never provided my password through c9, so it can’t be cached somewhere.

I haven’t made any changes to git. I’ve just been following through chapter 3 of, which seemed to use the ssh key out of the box.


Why don’t you just pull from the git repo’s individually when you want to create a new workspace? You can clone a workspace from the repository link bitbucket gives you on the front page of that repo which is not SSH.

If you are created a new workspace from the repo it will ask for your username and password in the console once the workspace has been allocated.

Also you can just create a blank workspace and use command line to import your repo too which I think is much easier.


The problem is it’s not asking me for my username and password. It just says

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

I already have a local workspace with my code in it. I’m currently trying to push my changes.

Does this have anything to do with the settings in the Rails Tutorial template?


Nah, wouldn’t have anything to do with Rails. Why don’t you remove the ssh stuff from your c9 configuration and set a new remote origin with

git remote set-url origin


Obviously with a bitbucket git url instead of github lol


How do I remove the ssh stuff from my c9 configuration?

My origin is already set to Is that incorrect?



origin was set to

I changed it to and it worked.