How do I clear up disk space after it's full?


I ran through this Dropbox tutorial and it filled up my disk space from syncing my files. Now I have deleted the files I was seeing, and disconnected my Dropbox account from C9, but my disk space remains mostly full. How do I delete the remaining Dropbox files from my workspace (some with spaces in the name)?

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To delete files that have filled up your workspace, you’ll want to take a look at how to remove files/folders from the command line in Linux.

When working with files that have spaces in their names, use a \ right before the space. For instance, to remove a file called “My File.txt” I’d do:

rm My\ File.txt

To see what’s taking up all your disk space, here are a couple different commands to run:
du -m -d 1 -a | sort -n du -hx / -t 50000000

If you'd like to use a simpler interface, try installing ncdu. Usually, you'll need to clear out a bit of space, which can be done by clearing your temp folder, after which you can install and run ncdu.
$ sudo rm -rf /tmp/*​
$ sudo apt-get install ncdu
$ ncdu

Now look through the largest folders and see what is taking up all your disk space. Once you free up space from your largest folders, you will be able to continue coding.

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Thanks Brady for your quick reply,

I have followed your suggestions. Using NCDU, I see that my workspace files make less than 2 Mb together. However, when I look at the monitoring tool for memory and disk usage, it displays that I’m using 809 Mb on 1024 Mb allowed. I don’t understand where this inconsistency comes from.


This is strange. Since this is an experimental method of getting local sync working, I’d suggest just making a Dropbox account that’s purely dedicated to Cloud9 syncing. This way, you won’t sync up any of your extra files and fill up your workspace.


how do you delete programs of your workspace


my disk space is full, and binutils and glog-0.3.3 is taking up all my space. Normal functioning isn’t working so I can’t delete them. Help? Please!


for me it was tmp hoggin up disk so the following worked for me:

rm -rf /tmp/*


I have this problem as well.
I installed ncdu as you suggested and realized that I only have about 2.2 MB on the disk, whilist the tool for memory and disk space tracking says that I’m using 884MB from 1024MB allowed. I need to install a package and I can’t do so because it says I don’t have enough disk space.


nevermind. I moved my things to the Spyder workspace since no one replied here.