How do I change my Cloud9 username?


My github username was changed, is there anyway to change my C9 username?

Change username
Merge my accounts please!

It is not possible to change your Cloud9 username. There are some workarounds for this though. Basically, what you want on your new account is:

  1. The username
  2. Your code
  3. Any outside services attached to your account (email, GitHub, BitBucket)

The quickest way to make this happen is just to delete your old account and make a new one with the username, email, and accounts you want on there. Be sure to push any code you have in your workspaces to your git repos because once you delete the account you can’t get those workspaces back.

You may also remove your GitHub and BitBucket accounts from your first account and then attach them to your second account. This allows you to not delete the first account in case you need to keep any workspaces there. Those workspaces can then be shared with your new account. You may also change the email on your first account if you want to use that email address on your new account.


Hi Brady,

I have a similar question. I just created a cloud9 account so I can do some pair programming and I cannot login into the dashboard. It says that my email doesn’t exist, and I’m using the email for my root account.

How can I log into the cloud9 dashboard? Also, how can another user specify my IAM user? The name of my IAM user is Administrator, which is completely generic and not specific to my account.




I suppose this is now doubly impossible? Are there any plans to allow username changes easily? Thank you.