How can we sync new/edited WP-files & mysql to LIVE website?




we have found your cool IDE service :slight_smile: and we would realy use that. But we are new in the field of online environments. our goal is to setup an online development environment for our wordpress based page on “DEV-Version” should work some developers at the same time. And all new/edited files should be upload to “LIVE-Version” (website) after code review in a simple way. here we have some questions to your service before billing…

  • can we create a non-public environment?
  • can we invite other developers to co-work on Dev-version?
  • and how can we update our LIVE site? is there any solution to “sync” all new or edited files in IDE with the push of a button, so that these files are online on LIVE version? how exactly can we do that? And how can we “sync” the edited mysql database too? we would not use complicated copy/paste or login/logout or import/export tasks to update
    mysql and wp files. it should be go easier. All edited files, folders or tables in mysql or new implemented scripts, plugins and code snippets in wp should be sync to LIVE as simple as possible. how can we do that with your service?
  • during the development process on your IDE we have also a “Preview Page”? that meas a window with all the codes and a window for “frontend preview” to check all changes (without sync to LIVE)?

Shure, perhaps simple questions :wink: but we would go shure, that we can do that. So thanks for any “pre-sales” support!

Best Regards from Germany!


You can indeed have a private environment. (This is limited to 1 if you are using the free plan)

Hell yeah you can! Its biggest advantage in my opinion :slightly_smiling:

I believe you can “link” your site with c9. If you’re changing dbs you can do it directly to your site.
need confirmation on a c9 employee, I saw a video on the docs about that though

NOTE: is not intended to be a production host itself. Only a development env.

Indeed. Well atleast I think so :stuck_out_tongue: , I don’t particularly use it though