How can I send email from my app?


I’m trying to send an email from within my app but it never gets sent. The host is localhost and the port is correct. Emails will not send properly but I’m not sure why.

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Sending email directly from our servers using the SMTP port is blocked, otherwise spammers would use it to send out spam. Here are a couple things to note:

If you’re like to send email from within Cloud9, you can use Google Compute Engine partner services, like SendGrid, Mandrill, or Google Apps

Cloud9 is hosted on Google’s infrastructure so for details on the matter, please check out Sending email on Google Compute Engine.

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do you have an example of how to do this using python and jinja2?


Specifically, you have to do this using their API (not SMTP)!! Mailgun has an easy API to use (see CURL example)


It would be useful to enable some cases for testing of emails in web applications. For example, white list emails to so that developers can test emails without the ability to send spam.


I am using SendGrid, but it is still trying to mail via SMTP, can anyone provide the code example / sample of how Sendgrid could be used in the development environment ? I was able to use the API, but I would like to use the ActionMailer in production (easier to manage the HTML of the messages) and I don’t want to have to use different api in development.