How can I reinitialize my free (rails-tutorial) workspace?



After having set up a free cloud9 account and workspace for the third edition of Michael Hartl’s RUBY ON RAILS TUTORIAL (and then having ignored it for months as I waited for the fourth edition to come out), I want to reinitialize my workspace so that I can follow along with the fourth edition. This requires that I install Rails v5.0.0 which requires there to be Ruby v2.2.2 in the background (which because the workspace was set up for the third edition, there isn’t).

Can I simply delete my workspace and then create a new one (using the same login/e-mail account)?


I think what are you are asking is can you log into your old c9 account, delete the repository for the workspace you previously worked on (3rd) & then make a new one for the 4th edition of Hartl…the answer is you can just start a new one for free (only difference is it will be publicly visible).

In order to upgrade your rails or ruby you simply stick the info in your gem file & run ‘bundle update’ per standard rails procedures…


Thanks for the reply. By your answer do you mean that I CAN’T delete the old repository and make a new one? Making a new one that is publicly visible isn’t something that I want to do.

Obviously, I could just sign up for a new cloud9 account (using a different e-mail address). But I’d rather keep using the same username and address.

Thanks for the links. But being completely new to Ruby and Rails, I don’t know anything at all about sticking the info in a gem file and running “bundle update” per standard rails procedures. I am trying to wrap my head around things like that though, and also RVM. I want to have a “real” (not a cloud-based) development environment in my office. I intend to do that using a Mac. But for times when I am out and about, I want to take a Windows laptop with me to do Ruby/Rails hacking. I don’t want to fight with Windows in order to sort out development environment. So for that I want to set up the cloud9 account.

Thanks again for answering!


You can delete any repo you want on cloud9. When you click the name of repo, instead of clicking open, click the little cogwheel (sprocket?) symbol for settings and scroll to the bottom for the delete button.

A lot of this you’re just going to have to read about …

The basics being that cloud9 gives you a place to type things. Bundler makes sure all your dependencies (including which version of rails) is the same on every computer (it does this via gemfile). There are a ton of tutorials on how to do it. Personally, if you are new, skip the RVM & just put ruby "x.y.z" in your gemfile … where x, y, & z are the version of ruby you want … in your case 5.0.0 or anyother version you think you need/want.

PS: As far as keeping everything private, you can also just pay cloud9 for unlimited private accounts.


Thank you for taking the time and going to the trouble to help me. However, it seems that our respective “wavelengths” about this are too different for us to be able to efficiently converse about it.

My position is that Cloud9 should make it extremely easy for a person to reinitialize his account. That would eliminate a lot of jiggery and pokery for everyone concerned. And it would be a trivial option for Cloud9 to provide. That said, I would like to point out that while I AM new to Cloud9, Ruby and Rails, I have (as recently as yesterday) successfully accomplished the setting up of a development environment on a physical machine (OS X), using RVM, bundler, etc. So can now more easily follow points about entries in Gemfile, etc. Even so, I have no interest in doing anything that will result in having my private account become public in any way.

So if there is no way for me to refresh my Cloud9 account in such a way as to maintain its privacy, I will simply create a new one using a different e-mail address. If doing something as silly as that is necessary because Cloud9 doesn’t offer a way to reinitialize an account, then so be it. I have zero interest in paying Cloud9 for unlimited private accounts, nor for anything else. I simply want to avail myself of the offered free-tier Cloud9 IDE in order to easily follow Michel Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial.