How can I create a cloud9 account without credit card?


I want to sign up for cloud9 but I haven’t got any credit card. How can I sign up for cloud9 then?


guess you cant, without spending some mone on a prepaid credit card… guess this kind of stuff is one of the first impacts from the amazon influence


Oh boy, here we go…


Hi Guys,

Please switch to better online IDE’s who does not ask for credit card info. Ex Codepen, Codenvy etc. Re-capcha is more than enough to know if signed up user is human or not or can also ask for phone numbers for sign up. If cloud 9 listened to users then they should have already removed that credit card info by this time. This not gonna happen and developers can work outside of cloud 9.


Cloud9 decided they did not want to support educators. So my students have moved their projects over to Codeanywhere or Koding. It’s really unfortunate that no one spoke up for education during whatever crass business meeting torpedoed C9 as a learning platform.


Codeanywhere is better than cloud9. Thanks for mentioning it. I forgot to mention earlier. It asks for captcha and also has fb, google+ (optional) to sign up and it’s free. It says free and we get it for free.


Codeanywhere’s setup process is really limiting for short-term educational needs. I can’t stop to explain to my students what a stack is when I’m trying to introduce them to their first HTML project. My classes may come back to Codeanywhere when we’re ready for a very hands-on web app development, but until then I’ll avoid it. Cloud9 had a Hello World file and a default web previewer all set after a couple clicks. Alas.


Hi dadiletta,

Cloud9 offers a school plan, which is specifically targeted at educators. You can find here:
This allows your students to sign up without a credit card.



@dana the link is not working, I still can’t create an account without credit card


In which ways is it better than cloud9? I’ve tried several online IDEs and cloud9 definitely delivered the best overall experience. For example, koding kept crashing and it also would take forever to start the vm.


I just want to say that i felt discriminated today for not having a credit card. I think it is a very bad policy, since there are other ways for confirming someones identity.


For above query’s ans is that you can make account by debit card as well.


Being at a school I had to get permission to use the school credit card. Then I had to go to the front office where one of the ladies put the credit card details in. Then I discovered that I didn’t have the education account after all, just the free account. Trying to upgrade to the education account I was asked for the credit card details all over again.
After some emailing back and forth to c9 I can tell you this.
At first I was told there must be a bug in their system to make it ask for the credit card details twice, "Sounds like this is a bug. If you check your account information and you can see a credit card stored there then you should not be asked for your credit card info again."
Then I was told this, “It looks like this is actually desired behavior. When you are asked for your credit card number here, it helps confirm your ownership of the card, just like you’d see sometimes when you make additional purchases on a site like Amazon.”

So on the understanding that it was supposed to ask for the credit card details all over again, I have been over to the front office again and the lady has put the credit card details in again. Now 10 minutes later I have a message still on the computer screen saying, “Storing your payment information”. There is a small animated gear wheel so maybe it has not actually frozen up, but who ever heard of such a thing.
Putting in the credit card details is step 2 of 3 steps. Maybe it will never get to step 3!

I’m not very happy with the way this is going. It does not appear to be working.


Fairly sure the Teacher should be signing up for the educators account, not any students.


If I sign up for the premium plan, will I be able to invite users to my workspaces when they don’t have a creditcard?


to invite users, you’ll need to also purchase educational account, and create a team.


how can I create a C9 account without credit card?
Kindly Help me??


have a look at this


Sorry guys my video blocked, so here it is


thanks a works great:pray::pray::pray: