How can I connect on ubuntu 16.04 without python2.7


I got this message, creating new workspace on my new instance (ubuntu 16.04) in which only installed python3. how can I connect on ubuntu 16.04 without python2.7?

Installation failed
Installation Started
Package Cloud9 IDE 1

Python version 2.7 is required to install pty.js. Please install python 2.7 and try again. You can find more information on how to install Python in the docs:
exiting with 1

Failed Bash. Exit code 1

One or more errors occured. Please try to resolve them and restart Cloud9 or contact


Unfortunately there is no way to do that, since python 2.7 is needed to compile binary extension for node.

but installing 2.7 should be easy, i think

sudo apt-get install python-dev

should work.


got it. thanks
I did install python2.7 and it works well.