How can I change my profile image?


How can I change my profile pic in Cloud9? I want to change my C9 account picture but it won’t let me.


Hey @kshitij760 :slightly_smiling:,

Your Cloud9 avatar is managed via your email from In order to change your profile picture on Cloud9, you’ll need to log into your Gravatar account (create one if necessary) associated with the email address on your Cloud9 account and change the picture there. See below for info about Gravatar (courtesy of Wikipedia).

From Wikipedia:

Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally unique avatars which was created by Tom Preston-Werner…

On Gravatar, users can register an account based on their email address, and upload an avatar to be associated with the account…When the user posts a comment on such a blog that requires an email address, the blogging software checks whether that email address has an associated avatar at Gravatar. If so, the Gravatar is shown along with the comment.