How about you tell people you require credit card details for a "free" account before they waste time filling registration forms?



I find it completely disingenuous to be advertising a completely free (not trial) account and ask people for their credit card details in order to sign up.

You should at least put this info on your pricing page with a little asterisk next to the word free like this:


*Credit card info required

Also, as an IT company you should be sufficiently security conscious to realise asking people to give their credit card details when it is unlikely they’ll ever pay for any service is increasing their security risk for no benefit. I realise that as a business you’re in your right to deny this service to people unlikely to pay you in future, but the way you’re doing it is completely misguided.

I was going to evaluate this service for commercial use in my business, but after noticing what I consider deception first and bad security practice second I’m a lot less interested. It is a shame, because the service appears to be quite neat.

Anyone who tries to limit their exposure to security issues online should stay away from signing up with yourselves until you correct this. If you break such a fundamental rule of security for some minuscule commercial advantage what other security rules do you break? At the end of the day, your product has direct access to your client’s servers via SSH.

I hope this situation improves as your company matures and I’ll sometime go back to the idea of reviewing your service.