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I really love using the Cloud9 IDE, but recently I have started a project that I’m not sure I can do on c9. It requires SSL, which, after some investigation on SO, I discovered is disabled on Cloud9. What I was wondering is if it is possible to install the IDE on my own server. I saw this post on installing Cloud9 on your own server, but the repo it references is deprecated by, which says it’s for development of plugins. Is it still possible to install c9 on you server, and if so, how?


You can install and use cloud9 sdk for yourself see
Easier approach is to use an ssh workspace.


Thank you for the response. I just had a few more questions:
In the docs, it mentions commercial vs. non-commercial use. In this case, what does commercial use mean. Also, what is important for both licenses, and what is different between them?

Thank you again

  • Danny


Commercial use means you are are selling a service based on sdk: e.g. selling servers with cloud9 sdk installed, install cloud9 sdk for your employees, etc.


Great thanks. I am planning on using this mainly by myself, but I do have a few friends friend that I might invite. I’m assuming this doesn’t count because it doesn’t involve money? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, I’ve been wondering this forever, how do you pronounce @harutyun? :slight_smile:


turns out wikipedia has a page for anything :slight_smile:


Wow, they do! But it’s incomplete, it’s missing you! :slight_smile:


Hello harutyun,

Could you advise whether I can host and use it on my local machine for doing work in a commercial project though?



whether I can host and use it on my local machine for doing work in a commercial project

Yes, anything you write using sdk belongs to you, so you can work on any project.
Commercial use of sdk is selling it or a service based on it, to other people.


Hi @harutyun.
Is it possible to buy a license for c9 commercial use on our own server ?
We are building a web-based VR development platform for JS developers and would love to be able to integrate c9 as an online editor for our clients.



Let me clear this point that does under the following scenario will be regarded as a commercial use?
We don’t charge any fee for Cloud9 from customer.

  • Install Cloud 9 SDK from GitHub into our Single Board Computer (SBC)
    and resell the SBC to our customers.
  • Even though we put our software stack on SBC, the price of our SBC product
    does not include that software cost. i.e. only hardware cost.
  • We do not modify Cloud9 SDK in our SBC. It runs “as is” in our SBC.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.