Hosting/Deployment service from cloud9



  1. Does cloud9 provide hosting/deployment services for nodejs application?
    I have been using cloud9-io for nodejs app development. I am running node js web server while developing my app. I am wondering, does it provide
    Production quality hosting/deployment service?

  2. If answer to 1) is no, is there a native support in cloud9 to deploy nodejs app to Heroku Platform?



No. Cloud9 doesn’t have any specially designed tools to facilitate deployment to any platforms, unless using a Google Cloud Platform workspace.

However, in answer to your second question, Cloud9 runs in a fully-featured Ubuntu VM. As such, any tools you can run on your computer will most often work on Cloud9. I’m not super experienced with Heroku, but I believe it is possible to add Heroku as a git remote and then push to it? This would be very easy to do, as git is installed in all workspaces by default.


Thank you.

Does it mean I can install Heroku command line tools on cloud 9 VM?
( we need to have Heroku command line tool installed to deploy to Heroku).



Yes. Workspaces are simply Ubuntu VMs, and therefore you can treat them as such, and can install whatever you want within the quota.