History not working, always shows latest version


Today we found that C9 deleted all the contents of a file in our wordpress project and the history function always returns the latest version (which was obviously blank). We are now slowly recreating the file but the history is still not working. Every time I go back a step in the history, the Chrome debug log prints the same error:

Uncaught Error: OT removed text mismatch OTError @ workspace-wordpress.js:3671
exports.applyContents @ workspace-wordpress.js:3677
getDetailedRevision @ workspace-wordpress.js:3817
updateToRevision @ workspace-wordpress.js:3829
(anonymous function) @ workspace-wordpress.js:3081

The file is located at ide.c9.io/fuoricentrostudio/doser/wp-content/themes/doser/custom.php

Quite a scary bug! :smiley:


I ran into this before

All I could say is…sucks :wink: