Higher resolution favicon for the workspaces



Ok, so this one is probably going to sound a bit silly to some, but hear me out:

For every project I do, right after creating a new workspace, in Chromium (chrome) I use the ‘Add to Desktop’ option to create a shortcut in my desktop directory, so that workspace works like any other program on my machine, and opens in a UI-less chrome window (no tabs, no addressbar, etc). It makes the whole thing look and work like it’s a native app and not a chrome tab, and it’s pretty amazing. The issue is that the workspace favicon is a 16x16 monstrosity and it gets stretched to hell and my eyes have been bleeding for months. Screenshot

So please guys, can we have a higher resolution favicon? The current one is great, except for being ant-sized, I’m sure you’ve got a bigger version of it. I know it’s a minor thing but it’s been really bugging me.

Other than that - thanks for the incredible product that is c9. Honestly as a web developer (working with WordPress), I can’t express how happy I am with this thing.