Hidden file pattern for subfolder




I found the “hide file pattern option” in the editor and successfully applied a few patterns, but there is one pattern i would like to apply only in a specific folder. Is that possible ?

Thanks !


Try folder_name/file_pattern, that might work.


I did try before asking, sorry i didn’t mentionned that. Thanks anyway


Filtering based on match on whole path is not supported for now and would require some changes to https://github.com/c9/core/blob/master/plugins/c9.fs/fs.cache.xml.js#L113
Could you tell more about what file patter you want to hide and why?


I’m making an angular 2 app using Typescript. the typescript files are used to generate Javascript i want to hide. However i also have Javascript file in my project that are not from my angular app and i would like to see them.

I just wanted to hide *.js files in my Angular app subfolder only, seeing others js files.
I used a workaround filtering *. *.js, hiding most of the Angular files.

Thanks for your answer