Hibernation after a few hours


For a few days now, my workspace (free) goes to hibernation after only ~3 hours. Usually that happens after ~ 1 week.

I hope that you can help me.



This was intentional, free workspaces hibernate after a few hours, while premium workspaces do not.


Mhhh, ok. From 1 week to a few hours is hard. Premium isn’t worth it for 1-2 small projects and I would pay for c9 but not 20$ a month.


Also note the $9/month plan :wink: https://c9.io/pricing/webide.

As a side note, just make sure to remember all the processes that need to run for your app and you can rerun them whenever you open your workspace. You also might use a slightly more automatic workaround like this one that uses .bashrc.